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A turn key water purification solution that improves the quality of your water and opens the doors to a healthier life.

Purify Your Hydration

The water we drink could taste unpleasant due to sediments, dust, dirt, bacteria, and other elements. These contaminants are being collected in your water supply and settle into your water before it ever gets to you. It can have many adverse affects, and so many people prefer not to drink from their main supply of water. Crystal Pure purified water will eliminate the contaminants from your drinking water so you can hydrate with confidence.

Why Crystal Pure?

Refill Every Size

From 500mL all the way up to 5 gallons of refillable crystal pure water.

Frozen Bottled Water

Purified and frozen water from 500mL to 1.5 Litres for added convenience.

Packaged Bottled Water

Purified water by the caseload, from 500mL to 1.5 Litres.

Best Prices Around

Our primary interest (second only to pure water) is competitive pricing.

Friendly Staff

The Crystal Pure team makes drinking clean water memorable & fun.

Health Conscious

The clean and pure hydration that you and your whole family deserve.

Sizes and Pricing

*All prices include GCT.

5 Gallon

Refill: $300
Single: $1550

5 Litres

Refill: $100
Single: $220

1.5 Litres

Refill: $45
Single: $85
Case: $950

500 mL

Refill: $35
Single: $40
Case: $850

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